Farmina N&D Ocean - Cat Wet Food - Cod, Shrimp & Pumpkin - Kitten- (12 Cans) X 80 Gms

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At Farmina, we promote the Nutrition System for Carnivores, which means using the best possible ingredients to formulate nutritional diets that are either without grains or contain a limited amount of ancestral cereals. Farmina continually researches the best ingredients for our four-legged friends’ health and ended up looking out to the sea, at seafood in general, as these ingredients are rich in Omega-3, antioxidants, and contain other beneficial properties, and hence, N&D Ocean was formulated. N&D Ocean wet food is available in an all-breed 80g can. All the cans used in Farmina are fully recyclable, without BPA, and use sustainable label paper PRODUCT DESCRIPTION • Available Quantity – 12x80g • COMPOSITION: Cod fillet (65%), herring, sweet potato, pumpkin (5%), shrimp (5%), fish oil, fructooligosaccharides, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, vitamins, minerals. • ANALYTICAL COMPOSITION: Moisture 75.00%; crude protein 12.50%; crude fat 6.00%; crude fibres 0.70%; crude ash 3.50%. Farmina

N&D Ocean, both dry and wet food, are complete diets containing ALL the necessary nutrients for the daily well-being of our four-legged family members, brings the benefits of seafood in your pet’s food.
• 98% of protein from animal origin, 0% artificial preservatives, 0% grains
• The main ingredient, Codfish is high in protein and low in fat, which makes it an excellent protein source.
• Cod is also high in vitamins and minerals, and a source of Omega-3 fatty acid which contribute to the functioning of the cardiovascular, endocrine, and immune systems.

Shrimp is high on vitamins and minerals and low on calories, and is a source of Selenium, a mineral that help reduce inflammation and promote heart health. • Pumpkin which is rich in soluble fibre and antioxidants • The cans are gently steamed (cooked) just once, to better preserve the organoleptic and nutritional features of the ingredients. • Made Without gums, guar, Carrageenan or other stabilizers and emulsifiers: N&D Ocean canned food are in tasty chunks in their broth, without any binder. • Complete diets, that exclusively will satisfy the nutritional needs of cats. They can also be fed with Farmina dry foods options. • Suitable For – All Cat Breeds • Life-stage - COMPLETE FOOD FOR KITTENS AND GESTATING OR BREASTFEEDING QUEENS • Storage: To be refrigerated once opened and consumed within 12hrs

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