What started of as an innovative, exclusive dog biscuit manufacturing unit in the year 1937 is today a name to reckon with in the Indian Pet Industry. The present and third generation scion to this enterprise is Mr. Prithvi Jayakaran, who needs no introduction to the world of pets and pet products.

The Glenand Group is a Company that has pledged itself to the care and wellbeing of pets. It comprises of four sub divisions, each concentrating on one aspect, and yet, complementing one another.


This is the manufacturing unit, manufacturing premium dog biscuits. It was started in the year 1937 by late Mr. C.T.S. David , in competition to some of the well known brands that were being imported in pre independence India. It is today being managed by Mr. E.V. Jayakaran , the second generation successor. Glenand Dog Biscuits boasts of still using the traditional methods of baking, containing the purest ingredients.

Meat and liver biscuits, chicken biscuits, puppy biscuits with chicken & DHA and vegetarian biscuits are some of the all time favorites by the doggie fraternity.


Glenands Pet Stores was earlier an exclusive, in-house pet store in a vast departmental store. However, in 1982, the second generation Mr. E.V.Jayakaran opened an exclusive Pet Store on Church Street, in the heart of Bangalore, making its mark as the first ever pet store in India. Soon, Glenands Pet Stores started expanding and now has four more retail outlets, to cater to the growing demand of petloving parents, wanting the best for their pets. Glenands Pet Stores today enjoys over 10,000 sq, feet of retail space, having over 10800 products on display.

We will soon launch in a few cities across India. 


This exclusive Distribution Center, spread over 20,000 sq.feet was started  in the year 2002, soon became a top Import Company too by the year 2010. ThisCompany developed excellent infrastructural facilities and logistics across the whole of India including excellent network of distributors and marketing personnel. Today, Glenandd India is one of the major importers of pet products into India from various parts of the world, which are distributed all across the country. We import form Italy, China, Taiwan, Australia, USA, Thailand and UK at present. 


Moving with the times, and understanding the need for pet products to reach customers on time without unnecessary delays, Glenands has now opened an online portal too, .

The entire team at Glenand Group is committed to service and excellence. Our motto is “THINK PETS. THINK GLENANDS.’

We at the Glenand Group believe in equal employment opportunities. More than 80% of our staff, right from top level management to the basic packaging staff are mainly women. We also provide opportunities for the less privileged and the differently abled.