Toilet- training box with post

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Pee Wee Pad holder / Training Post / Litter Trainer for Dogs / Pee Wee Post for Male dogs
 This pet toilet has two layers that makes clean up effortless. The mesh is fine and uniform, allows liquid to drain into the durable collection tray easily. It could keep your pets feet dry and clean.
Easy to open and close grate system will prevent teething puppies from getting to training pads or newspaper in the pee pad holder
Extend the usage time of the training pad, you can even use news paper as training pads
This training pad holder is a good way to protect your floor, this is perfect for new puppies that have to stay home ande offers a solution for dogs who donêt have timely access to the outdoors.  Also, its great for old cats that canêt jump into their litter box anymore
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